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Tao of Our understanding Alcohol Recovery Podcast

Like the Tao, we are everywhere...

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Sep 30, 2021

Could Non-Being be described as love? Excellent conversation concerning surrender and Step 2. Could relief come from our surrender and stopping the fight rather than the intervention of a Higher Power? Words that are difficult to write to describe a conversation that was spot on.

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Sep 23, 2021

Where is the Tao? What is the Tao? What actions can we take to become more aware of the Tao at work in all things? All situations? All people? At work in everything!

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Sep 19, 2021

This story reminds us of the gift of not having to know. This is a gift most of us never realize that we already possess. Excellent conversation!

Order Sensei Elliston’s new book;

Sep 10, 2021

This is a story about Knowledge seeking the Tao. The answer was not in Knowledge but in Nothingness(emptiness)—a good discussion of applying the principle of nothingness to our lives. We also discussed how the Big Book of AA is a book of experience rather than a book of knowledge.

Order Sensei Elliston’s new book;

Sep 9, 2021

Sensei Michael Elliston shares his thoughts on the 10th verse of the Tao Te Ching from a Zen perspective. From the text, this became a conversation about emptiness.  Sensei gives us a thorough explanation of how the ancient masters of Zen Buddhism taught emptiness. Next week, our story about...